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 в целом
  общ.  en bloc; in bulk; at large (e.g., (the) society at large - общество в целом Stas-Soleil); altogether; in toto; all-in-all; in whole; generally; first and last; in its entirety; integrally; broadly (Stas-Soleil); abstract (пункт договора ROGER YOUNG); ostensibly (Игорь Миг); overall; as a whole; by the gross; in the bulk; in the gross; in the mass; on the whole; upon the whole; taken as a whole (Leonid Dzhepko); in the large; taken all round; in by the lump; in gross; in broad terms (Dzhem); total (iQ); totaled up (Игорь Миг); generally speaking (Игорь Миг); across the board (involving everyone or everything in a company, an industry, etc • The industry needs more investment across the board. OALD Alexander Demidov); broadly construed (См. пример в статье "в широком смысле". I. Havkin); reasonably (We collect and use this analytics information in aggregate form such that it cannot reasonably be manipulated to identify any particular individual user sankozh); broadly speaking (Broadly speaking, the current crisis in Western relations with Russia is rooted in four objective factors. --- AmIn.2016 Игорь Миг); quintessential (Игорь Миг); simply put (America's current strategy toward Russia, simply put, is not working Игорь Миг); at-large; entirely (apris-catol); by and large; for the most part; in the whole; in total (In total, all minority shareholders own less than 1%. TG Alexander Demidov); on balance (Alexander Demidov); all things considered (ART Vancouver); in general (1. usually; mainly • In general, Japanese cars are very reliable and breakdowns are rare. 2. as a whole • This is a crucial year for your relationships in general and your love life in particular. OALD Alexander Demidov); in principle; at the end of the day (informal When everything is taken into consideration: at the end of the day, I’m responsible for what happens in the school MORE EXAMPLE SENTENCES But at the end of the day there are policemen actually who are beginning to speak up. Either way, the fish farmers will, once more, doubtlessly turn a profit at the end of the day. By the very nature of the job, one side will hate you at the end of the day. OD Alexander Demidov); taking all things together (survey questions such as: “Taking all things together, how happy would you say you are?” Игорь Миг); roughly (Игорь Миг); all told (All told, he has many fine characteristics./// All told, the $379 billion in central bank reserves includes about $99 billion from two the wealth funds. The money is mostly invested in dollar and euro government debt, as well as Russia’s growing holdings of gold \\Bloomberg, США (2016) Игорь Миг); all totaled (Игорь Миг); in summation (Игорь Миг); taken together (MichaelBurov); all around (VLZ_58); from top to bottom ("From top to bottom, it was a great effort led by our captain and our goalie," Weight said. VLZ_58); basically (Игорь Миг); in a loose sense (We sometimes call something "good" not in a strict sense, but in a loose sense. Игорь Миг); in the main (in the United States, the arts and humanities in the main are flourishing, but one art seems to have disappeared, the political art of losing gracefully. at.us.17 Игорь Миг); substantially (There are still a few details to wrap up, but the project is substantially complete. VLZ_58); in the round (Игорь Миг); largely (The task has been largely resolved — and brilliantly resolved. Congratulations!” Игорь Миг); writ large (Игорь Миг); in essence (Игорь Миг)
  бизн.  totally; all in all; in the aggregate; principally (carmen-passenger)
  бухг.  as a body (Andy)
  вчт.  cumulatively (Alex Lilo)
  идиом.  as a whole ring (Xenia Hell)
  Макаров  all of a lump; by and large; by the lump; far and by; in all
  матем.  combined; globally; in large; in the lump; all in all; in sum; in the large; usually; It takes n operations in total; in order to solve the problem on the whole, this condition should be met; overall, however, this approximation is still not very good
  мор.  bodily
  психоан.  considered all round
  разг.  big picture (Big picture, the guys played hard. Every time we made a little mistake they put it in the net, and that's tough. VLZ_58); pretty much (That's pretty much an accurate assessment. ART Vancouver)
  рекл.  in totality
  ритор.  in the net (Alex_Odeychuk)
  сахал.  in broader terms (Sakhalin Energy)
  фр.  en masse
  фраз.  all the way around (VLZ_58)
  цитат.  more or less (в общих чертах Alex_Odeychuk)
  шотл.  athegither (Yerkwantai)
  экон.  not specified by kind; in tote (ujin8); on average (когда используется как вводная конструкция A.Rezvov)
  юр.  as a general principle (Sergey.Cherednichenko)
  общ.  overall OAL (Vadim Rouminsky)
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  психол.  considered all
 в целом: 637 фраз в 100 тематиках
  Авиационная медицина2  Ортопедия1
  Авиация21  Официальное выражение1
  Автоматика4  Патенты1
  Автомобильный термин3  Переносный смысл3
  Агрохимия1  Пищевая промышленность1
  Американизм4  Пожарное дело4
  Американский английский3  Полиграфия3
  Архитектура1  Политика1
  Атомная энергия1  Пословица2
  Банковское дело1  Программирование43
  Бурение3  Программное обеспечение1
  Бухгалтерия2  Производство2
  Внешняя политика1  Профсоюзы1
  Военный термин42  Психоанализ4
  Выборы1  Психология4
  Генетика1  Радио1
  Геология2  Разговорное выражение4
  Горное дело4  Реклама4
  Деловая лексика8  Религия1
  Дипломатический термин13  Риторика5
  Железнодорожный термин3  Робототехника2
  Журналистика1  Сахалин2
  Идиоматическое выражение5  Связи с общественностью1
  Интернет1  Сельское хозяйство1
  Информационные технологии13  Сетевые технологии1
  Искусство1  Сленг1
  Карачаганак1  СМИ1
  Клише1  Социология1
  Книжное выражение2  Спорт7
  Коммунальное хозяйство1  Статистика1
  Компьютерная техника3  Страхование2
  Контроль качества2  Строительство3
  Космогония и космология1  Текстиль1
  Лесоводство2  Телекоммуникации2
  Майкрософт1  Техника18
  Макаров36  Физика1
  Математика36  Физиология1
  Медицина7  Финансы1
  Менеджмент1  Фразеологизм3
  Металлургия1  Французский язык2
  Метрология2  Химия2
  Механика2  Цитаты2
  Морской термин1  Человеческие ресурсы1
  Мрачно1  Шотландский язык1
  Налоги1  Экономика17
  Нефтегазовая техника1  Электроника3
  Нефтеперерабатывающие заводы2  Энергетика6
  Нефть1  Энергосистемы1
  Образование1  Юридический (Н.П.)1
  Общая лексика204  Юридический термин11
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