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 Town Hall
  общ.  муниципалитет
  амер.  Таун Холл-концертный зал в Нью-Йорке (25banderlog)
 town hall | в начало
  общ.  здание муниципалитета; администрация города (a building containing local government offices and, in Britain, usually a hall for public meetings, concerts, etc. - OALD Alexander Demidov); городские власти (In Britain, a town hall in a town is a large building owned and used by the town council, often as its main office. You can also use town hall to refer to the town council that uses this building. A town hall official is set to go on trial charged with seven counts of manslaughter following an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease. LIVERPOOL DAILY POST AND ECHO (2005) Also, contact the Leisure Department at your town hall to see what's available. Ingham, Christine LIFE WITHOUT WORK Dad was the manager of an upmarket shoe shop and Mum worked in the town hall. Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002) Harry noted wryly that the file hadn't been updated to include any record of his town hall speech. Dobbs, Michael WALL GAMES His page focuses on the reviled `egg box": the town hall 's extension, due for demolition by the millennium. INDEPENDENT (1998) How to use the library, newspaper morgue, museum, county courthouse, town hall , people. GLOBE AND MAIL (2003) In Barcelona, police said 150,000 protested, while town hall officials estimated up to a half-million. OTTAWA SUN (2003) People who have golden images of the past imagine earlier town hall meetings. SPIKED (2004) Tempesta was a stocky, bald man who wore his not very good government issue suit with the air of a humble town hall clerk. Nabb, Magdalen, Vagheggi, Paolo PROSECUTOR. Collins Alexander Demidov); здание администрации (города Alexander Demidov); ратуша
  амер.англ.  собрание трудового коллектива (Евгений Тамарченко; усеч. от town hall meeting Supa Traslata)
  ист.  городская дума (Gruzovik)
  касп.  общее собрание (усеч. от town hall meeting raf)
  юр.Н.П.  магистрат; мэрия
 town-hall | в начало
  общ.  мэрия (Olga Okuneva)
 Town Hall: 15 фраз в 7 тематиках
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