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 маленький городок
  общ.  potty little town; township; small town (tiny village; concerning a small town or village. BED. Small Town: 200-800 citizens within limits. UD. Small town is used when referring to small places, usually in the United States, where people are friendly, honest, and polite, or to the people there. Small town is also sometimes used to suggest that someone has old-fashioned ideas. [mainly AM] * ...an idealized small-town America of neat, middle-class homes. CCALD. He was born in the small town of Castleford, in Yorkshire. We spent our holidays in a small French town. CALD. Sackville is a small university town in eastern Canada. OALD. Rowayton is a small town of around 4000 people. LDOCE. also: little, tiny (esp. AmE). OCD Alexander Demidov)
  ирон.  wide place in the road
  сл.  sticks; tank tank town
 маленький городок: 21 фраза в 4 тематиках
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