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 в ближайшее время
  общ.  some day; early; in the near future (e.g.: "I don't think he'll be available to cycle in the near future." ART Vancouver); in the nearest time (K48); in the closest time (K48); soon (rechnik); in the short term (rechnik); any time soon (I don't think that taxes will be lowered any time soon. K48); within days (Игорь Миг); directly (VLZ_58); in the coming days (Игорь Миг); in days (Игорь Миг); as far ahead as anyone can see (Игорь Миг); on a short-term horizon (Игорь Миг); at the earliest date (Игорь Миг); at the earliest possible juncture (Cuba continued unreservedly to support the legitimate rights of Argentina in the Malvinas dispute and reiterated its call for a negotiated, just and definitive solution to the issue at the earliest possible juncture. Игорь Миг); at the earliest juncture (Игорь Миг); at the earliest possible date (Игорь Миг); for the foreseeable future (But those 12 Su-57s could be all that the air force gets for the foreseeable future. Игорь Миг); before long (I'm sure he'll be back before long. Игорь Миг); before too long (Игорь Миг); on a day to come (NumiTorum)
  общ.  in the earliest possible timeframe (Katerina.br)
  Клише  at the earliest possible time (tlumach)
  Макаров  in the short run
  разг.  anytime soon (Damirules)
  ритор.  in the days ahead (Alex_Odeychuk)
  судостр.  at the earliest opportunity (All cable end seals to which temporary repairs have been made must be scheduled for permanent repairs at the earliest opportunity. BorisKap)
  экон.  at an early date
  юр.  shortly (gennier)
 в ближайшее время: 53 фразы в 15 тематиках
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