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 famously прил. | Вебстер | фразы
  общ.  как всем хорошо известно (Nikita Khrushchev famously boasted in 1959 that the Soviet Union would overtake the US by 1970, and by 1980 at the latest. Игорь Миг); без сомнения (She needs support and comfort, both things that I famously suck at. Игорь Миг); известно, что (His will famously left his second-best bed to his widow. **Scott Peterson famously slipped and used the past tense while claiming his murdered wife was alive, launching a nationwide search for her. Игорь Миг); общеизвестно, что (Famously, Rome had about a million citizens by the first century A.D. Игорь Миг); прекрасно (Well, then, we shall get along famously. Игорь Миг); чудесно (Remember that and we'll get on famously. Игорь Миг); классно (разг. I'm sure your dad will get along with them famously. Игорь Миг); хорошо (Игорь Миг); общеизвестный (Sir, you're a - a famously thrifty man, aren't you? Сэр, вы ведь общеизвестный скупердяй, разве нет? Игорь Миг); знаменитый (And of course Billingsgate, famously, was London's fish market, operating on-site here until the mid-1980s. Игорь Миг); хорошо известно, что (Sanctions are famously ineffective. Игорь Миг); замечательно (A.Rezvov)
  разг.  здорово; лихо; отлично; превосходно; славно (grafleonov)
 famously нареч. в начало
  общ.  как известно (markovka); знатно (grafleonov); хлёстко (In 1971, as the dollar collapsed towards the end of the post-World War II fixed exchange-rate system, US Treasury Secretary John Connally famously told his foreign counterparts that "the dollar is our currency, but your problem." Игорь Миг); всем известно ... (You're a famously bad liar Игорь Миг); отменно (Игорь Миг); всем известно, что (Chickens are famously bad at flying. Игорь Миг); он знаменит тем, что (But he famously only wore on his back the clothes that he owned. Игорь Миг); он прославился тем, что (Игорь Миг); всем известный (Sir, you're a - a famously thrifty man, aren't you? Сэр, вы ведь общеизвестный скупердяй, разве нет? Игорь Миг); общеизвестным фактом является то, что (You're a famously bad liar. ** … former opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was famously gunned down in February 2015 in Moscow.** Ray Charles famously had this state on his mind. Игорь Миг)
 famously: 10 фраз в 3 тематиках | в начало
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