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 дать понять
  общ.  give to understand; let somebody see; indicate (q3mi4); get at; let smb. know (bookworm); signal (V.O.K.); make it clear (Notburga); get through to; make out; make it plain (Alexander Demidov); show (they are showing me they don’t care about me at all Pickman); serve notice (The surging Pittsburgh Penguins, however, did more than delay the inevitable on Sunday night. They served notice Washington's path through the Eastern Conference might not be as easy as it might have looked a month ago. VLZ_58); put on notice (The Kremlin must also be put on notice that its own prestige project - the Sochi Olympics - will be affected by its behavior. Игорь Миг); drive home (We have to drive home that they must stay on their job. Игорь Миг); give a clue to (They could give us a clue to where Sean is. Игорь Миг); drop hints (Игорь Миг)
  перен.  send a message (ART Vancouver)
  полит.  make clear (Игорь Миг)
  психоан.  give smb to understand
  сл.  make a point (Damirules)
  общ.  make understand
  Макаров  give smb. to understand; make smb. understand
 дал понять | в начало
  общ.  indicated (mascot)
  сахал.  convey a message to (Sakhalin Energy)
 дать понять: 60 фраз в 8 тематиках
  Макаров8  Сахалин1
  Общая лексика40  Сленг2
  Психоанализ4  СМИ2
  Психология2  Юридический термин1
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