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 the only game in town
  общ.  лучший вариант (ashev2004); оптимальный вариант (ashev2004); лучший в своем роде (If you say that someone or something is the only game in town, you mean that they are the best or most important of their kind, or the only one worth considering. Other adjectives can be used instead of Хonly*. He's the only game in town, and I am hoping that he can show some real leadership strength. This plan is the only game in town that may lead to a durable and viable peace, for the alternatives are too awful to think about. CCDI - АД Alexander Demidov)
  идиом.  единственная возможность (Александр_10); то, чем приходится довольствоваться в отсутствие выбора (Beforeyouaccuseme); вне конкуренции (plushkina)
  экон.  единственный вариант (пример: ...the nation-state remains the only game in town when it comes to providing the regulatory and legitimizing arrangements on which markets rely. A.Rezvov)
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