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 а именно
  общ.  videlicet; viz; namely; that is; more specifically (Kainah); specifically; as follows (Alexander Matytsin); as in (Damirules); In effect (mazurov); especially (annavil); which is (chistochel); meaning (dron1); to the point (sergeidorogan); wit (That is; that is to say; namely Old Senior); "to wit" (КГА)
  бизн.  viz. (videlicet)
  биол.  videlicet; namely
  канц.  in particular (Alexander Matytsin)
  лат.  scilicet; s.s. (scilicet Alexander Oshis)
  матем.  precisely; expressly; i.e.; just; let; such as; that is to say
  офиц.  wit ((old use or formal) used to introduce additional information which makes it clear exactly who or what you are talking about [= namely] Hlaford)
  патент.  notably
  рел.  scilicet Latin for "surely, to wit", that is to say
  рел., лат.  Videlicet "namely", сокр. Vid.
  сокр.  ss (Anglophile); to wit (The phrase "to wit", meaning namely or that is to say, is primarily used in legal texts and speech, though it sometimes spills over into other types of writing. In general, unless you’re going for a formal tone, to wit bears replacement with one of the many alternatives, such as namely, specifically, in other words, more precisely, or to clarify 4uzhoj)
  тех.  more precisely (в начале предложения Gaist)
  фр., Макаров  c'est-a-dire
  фр.  c'est-а-dire
  энерг., лат.  vide licet
  юр.  -wit ("To wit" is used to indicate that you are about to state or describe something more precisely. Tatiana Okunskaya)
  лат.  videlicet
 а именно: 50 фраз в 18 тематиках
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