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 несомненный прил. фразы
  общ.  doubtless; decided; apparent (из Macmillan dictionary: based only on what you have heard, not on what you are certain is true; used for saying what seems to be true when people do not yet know all the facts of a situation babanastya); undeniable; undoubted; unmistakable; unquestionable; absolute; certain; incontrovertible; indubitable; positive; questionless; real; sure; indubious; odds-on; uncontrovertible; hands-down; sartin; unequivocal; unquestioning (Aly19); hands down; odds on; blatant (о лжи); undisputed; unimpeachable; cock-sure; indisputable; not disputed; adducible (AlexP73); certifiable (fa158); ill-disguised (During the election campaign Jeremy Corbyn’s ill-disguised nuclear pacifism was seen as an own goal.---TIMES UK 17 Игорь Миг); unconcealed (Игорь Миг); unavoidably obvious (Игорь Миг); out and out (we are dealing with an out and out case of fraud. Игорь Миг); unassailable (Игорь Миг)
  бизн.  decisive
  дип., разг.  safe
  Макаров  secure
  матем.  definite
  перен.  crystal-clear (Andrey Truhachev); crystal clear (Andrey Truhachev)
  разг.  up-front
  фраз.  darn tootin' (Interex)
  экон.  manifest (очевидный); obvious (очевидный); real (очевидный)
  энерг.  absolute (напр. о факте и др.)
  юр.  undoubtful; unquestioned
  разг.  от "no doubt" no-duh (Vadim Rouminsky)
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  общ.  quite!
  австрал., сл.  not half!
  Макаров  yes, indeed
 несомненно нареч. в начало
  общ.  undoubtedly; without doubt; by far (См. пример в статье "безусловно". I. Havkin); far and away; surely; assuredly; doubtless; be certain; certainly; clearly; evidently; indeed (very glad indeed - очень, очень рад); positively; questionless; and no mistake; as sure as death; beyond doubt; by long odds; quite so; apparently; indubitably (Anglophile); out and out; definitely; emphatically; no doubt; decidedly (The picture is decidedly involved and complex. Игорь Миг); of a surety; as sure as fate; sure; all peradventure; any day; by all odds; for certain; of a certainty; decisively; in very deed; as sure as a gun; yes; without a question (bookworm); hands down (Alex Lilo); distinctly; for a certainty; to be sure; be sure; unquestionably (Азери); Without the slightest doubt (frar); of course; by long all odds; there is no denying that (Sergei Aprelikov); unequivocally (cognachennessy); indisputably (cognachennessy); most certainly (Stas-Soleil); with no doubt (Vladimir Shevchuk); needless to say (Игорь Миг); undeniably (Sergei Aprelikov); no questions asked (...he's certainly been our best player all season, no questions asked. VLZ_58); that's for sure (Игорь Миг); squarely (Stas-Soleil); without any question (Gruzovik); demonstrably (Игорь Миг); it is beyond argument that (Игорь Миг); absolutely (Игорь Миг); it is sure that (It is sure that he will return soon to Moscow Johnny Bravo); it is certain that (They are certain to come to Moscow = It is certain that they will come to Moscow Они несомненно приедут в Москву Johnny Bravo); overwhelmingly likely (Игорь Миг); without guess (Азери); it's a safe bet (Игорь Миг); more than likely (VLZ_58)
  амер.  for fair; it is dollars to doughnuts
  идиом.  no question about that (VLZ_58); by all means (Александр У)
  ирон.  forsooth
  Макаров  beyond controversy; incontrovertibly; it is indubitable; obviously; without controversy
  матем.  for sure; without fail; without question
  разг.  all right; alright; easily; make no mistake; sure thing (Игорь Миг)
  руг.  bet one's ass
  сл.  beyond all question; you damn Skippy (эмоционально усиленное подтверждение WiseSnake)
  судостр.  presumably
  табу., груб.  with balls on
  фр.  sans doute (vitalinew)
 несомненно нареч. в начало
  общ.  что it is unmistakable that (Игорь Миг); что it could not be denied that (Игорь Миг)
 несомненно нареч. в начало
  мех.  +infinitive do (typist)
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