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 компромат сущ. фразы
  общ.  dirt (Lavrov); damaging information (Tanya Gesse http://talkleft.com/new_archives/011554.html); dirty laundry (Tanya Gesse); blackmail material (DC); compromising material (https://news.vice.com/story/what-we-know-about-russias-compromising-material-on-donald-trump grafleonov); damaging material (... another Scientologist told me that he was delegated to create a black PR package - all the damaging material they could use against Travolta, which came from his auditing sessions. Игорь Миг); black PR package (... he was delegated to create a black PR package - all the damaging material they could use against Travolta, which came from his auditing sessions. Игорь Миг); goods (Half the cops in the GCPD have a Cobblepot, and Loeb has the goods on all of them. Игорь Миг); gotcha (Daisy's about to tell us that that gotcha video is blowing up on social media. Игорь Миг); black book (стран. Apparently, he had a little black book on some of his fellow Stasi operatives as well as foreign agents from numerous countries. Игорь Миг); blackmailable thing (Every blackmailable thing he's ever collected. Игорь Миг); credible intelligence against (You get me credible intelligence against the Company... Игорь Миг); leverage against (You have the leverage you need against me. Игорь Миг); something incriminating (But if someone is willing to blow up buildings to erase Frank Turner's files, it has to contain something very incriminating. Игорь Миг); proof against (Do you have it on you, the proof against Henry? Игорь Миг); evidence (If it is, then the people Dylan was involved with are drug dealers, and whatever evidence he collected may be what got him killed. Игорь Миг); opposition research (So as soon as you heard they were doing opposition research, you ran over to Tiffany and bought the ring? Игорь Миг); oppo research (He knows he can't go too far, 'cause we have some oppo research of our own. *** It is oppo research Castro had on us. Игорь Миг); leverage (Where's this leverage you promised? Игорь Миг); compromising evidence on (Игорь Миг); embarrassing evidence against (Игорь Миг); dirty pictures of (I thought Fusco had some dirty pictures of you or something. Игорь Миг); blackmail on (Your attorney friend contacted their boss trying to sell him a phone containing blackmail on an unnamed high-ranking U.S. official. Игорь Миг); compromising pic of (A compromising page-one pic of our philandering mayor needs two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Игорь Миг); bunch of dirt about (A bunch of dirt about politicians and this administration. Игорь Миг); unsavory information (Игорь Миг); evidence against smb (e.g., "I need to get some evidence against him" - "мне нужен на него компромат" Рина Грант)
  безоп.  incriminating information (англ. термин взят из статьи в газете New York Times, США Alex_Odeychuk)
  жарг.  bad rep jacket (grafleonov); dirty jacket (grafleonov)
  идиом.  juicy details (SirReal)
  офиц.  compromising information (on sb. - о ком-л. (information used to gain leverage over someone) ART Vancouver)
  перен.  ammunition (Ремедиос_П)
  полит.  mudslinging (babichjob); damaging evidence (babichjob); smear article s (VLZ_58); kompromat (literally "compromising material" Val_Ships); compromising material on someone (used to discredit rivals in politics or business or just settle personal scores Val_Ships)
  развед.  embarrassing material (сокр. от "компрометирующие материалы"; англ. термин взят из статьи в газете Guardian, Великобритания Alex_Odeychuk)
  разг.  dirt (Газета опубликовала компромат на кандидата. The newspaper printed dirt about the candidate.; компрометирующие материалы, сведения compromising materials); sleaze (Ksegelen); the goods (They have the goods on him. joyand)
  сл.  ammo (And considering you're about to own Grayson manor, the last thing I wanted to do was give Conrad or Victoria any ammo. Игорь Миг)
  юр.  incriminating evidence (Squirell)
  общ.  собирать компромат на выборах: conduct opposition research see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposition_research (Tanya Gesse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposition_research); использовать компромат play dirty - see http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/prem/200406/green (Tanya Gesse; Перенесите ссылку в описание, пожалуйста. alex_translator); собирать dig the dirt (Tanya Gesse http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/archive/981759.stm)
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