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Multitran dictionary
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Multitran dictionary

- Dictionary for Windows, Intranet, Pocket PC, Linux, OS Symbian
- Supports English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Latvian, Estonian languages
- 900 subject areas
- Over 10.000.000 terms

Multitran for Windows

- Internet needed only to receive dictionary updates
- Independence of Multitran website
- Online updates of new terms
- Extra speed
- Easiness of copying/inserting translations
- Alphabetic list of terms accelerates keyboard input
- Single program window shows all translations
- Dialog to view all phrases containing given word
- Automatic marking of last used translation for all queries
- Key translation for sentences and blocks of text
- User-defined glossaries imported from Word or Excel

Multitran for Intranet

- Standard web interface
- No installation on user's computer
- Supports any browser or OS
- Integrates into company intrasite
- Additional search options (forum topics and English-Russian texts)