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 Термины по тематике Социальные сети, содержащие To : все формы слова (4) | только заданная форма слова (3)
 engineer aidинженерная поддержка
 reduce toсворачивать к (The modern debate about the moral imperative as a part of the human potential relates primarily to Kant and post-Kantian debate on ethics and moral acting. The postmodern debate on the same problem indicates the cynical relationship of a will for putting the profits in the first plan and for reducing the moral action to moralizing. - kentgrant http://www.omeco.ru/subdivisions/chair_eiucr/project/09_forum/doc/01.pdf)
 right to replyправо на ответ (Alex_Odeychuk)
 take to social mediaподелиться в соцсетях (After one homeowner shared her chilling experience, several other residents of Kirby took to social media to share similar tales all featuring a mysterious woman repeatedly knocking on the front door or crying into the home's mail slot at around three or four a.m. and asking to be let inside. ART Vancouver)
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