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 Термины по тематике Образование, содержащие Technique : все формы слова (3) | только заданная форма слова (2)
 from behind the linesнаходясь в тылу (Unlike the majority of U.S. special forces that are currently advising Iraqi and Syrian forces from behind the lines ... , Russian special forces appear to be participating in combat alongside Syrian troops at the tactical level. | The Washington Post (2016) Игорь Миг)
 instructional technique trainingметодическая подготовка (Gruzovik)
 sandwich techniqueметод "сэндвича" (When modeling a dialogue sentence for students to repeat, the teacher not only gives an oral mother tongue equivalent for unknown words or phrases, but repeats the foreign language phrase before students imitate it: L2 => L1 => L2. For example, a German teacher of English might engage in the following exchange with the students: Teacher: "Let me try—lass mich mal versuchen—let me try." Students: "Let me try." VLZ_58)
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