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 Термины по тематике Бурение, содержащие совершенный: все формы слова (3) | только заданная форма слова (1)
 коэффициент реализуемости совершенной скважиныPerfect Well Ratio (A Perfect Well Ratio (PWR) is applied to adjust for the uncertainty, technical challenges and learning curve effect of various well types - wildcat, difficult exploration or routine development. The PWR is a technical difficulty ratio that was developed from on observations of the best observed performance over 500 wells globally, in the early 2000's, (Brett 2006) to convert the calculated time (MTP) into a usable target time equivalent to a technical limit. This target time is then a fiscally responsible and technically achievable drilling time that can be used by a team developing a technical limit target. ixtra)
 расчёт времени строительства совершенной скважиныPerfect Well Calculation (MTP is based on the Perfect Well Calculation (Behm et al 2004, Brett 2006, Brett et al 2006); this calculation focusses solely on the physics of drilling a well and ignores rig, technology and personnel limitations. The perfect well time estimate is a drilling limit that may not be currently economically or technically achievable. ixtra)
 совершенный газperfect gas
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