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 Термины по тематике Психотерапия, содержащие %s: все формы слова (4) | только заданная форма слова (3)
 be their true selfбыть самим собой (The primary goal of therapy is helping people to find and be their true self. This means looking at who you really are, the relationships you are in, and what stops you from having the life you want. It also means getting help in learning what isn’t working, understanding why it’s not working, and changing things so your life does work for you. Therapy is a process of self-discovery: a careful, supportive exploration of how you act, think, feel, and relate to others today and how those all have been affected by your life experiences. It is also an opportunity to grow and develop new and more effective ways of interacting and communicating in your relationships. In therapy you may gain the awareness that comes from understanding, the freedom from outmoded patterns of acting and reacting, the strength to tolerate life’s pains, and the capacity to tolerate its pleasures. The result is what we all want: the ability to feel good about yourself, to enjoy yourself, and to have satisfying relationships with others. Alex_Odeychuk)
 Beck's depression inventoryшкала депрессии А.Бека (shpak_07)
 CGI-SClinical Global Impression-Severity (шкала общего клинического впечатления, 7-балльная шкала, по которой врач может оценивать тяжесть психического заболевания на момент обследования (1 = норма; 2 - почти болен; 3 - средне; 4 - умеренно; 5 - в значительной степени; 6, - тяжело; 7 - очень сильно боленl). kat_j)
 depending on client's personalityв зависимости от типа личности клиента (Alex_Odeychuk)
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