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16.04.2019 14.03 team management руководство команды  (Despite playing behind a shaky defense, Fleury was able to impress the team management with his technique and performance and signed a two-year contract extension worth $2.59 million in the off-season)
16.04.2019 12.47 gain success добиться успеха  (United can gain success in wide areas, like Real Betis enjoyed at the Nou Camp this season)
16.04.2019 10.46 investigative movie фильм-расследование  (It could have been The Insider, an investigative movie that was just as much about the behind-the-scenes machinations of the good guys and the bad guys as it was about the evils of the smoking industry.)
16.04.2019 10.33 suspicious transaction report сообщение о подозрительной операции  (According to the Financial Action Task Force‘s (FATF) Recommendation 20, a suspicious transaction report (STR) or a suspicious activity report (SAR) is filed by a financial institution or, by a concerned citizen, to the local Financial Intelligence Unit if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a transaction is related to criminal activity.)
16.04.2019 10.32 malign activity враждебная деятельность  ("The United States will continue to work with international allies and partners to take their collective action to deter and defend against sustained malign activity by Russia, its proxies, and intelligence agencies," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday.)
9.04.2019 10.04 transition official представитель переходной команды  (Michael Flynn has acknowledged that a senior Trump transition official directed him to contact Russian officials last December)
8.04.2019 15.52 play on a line (with) играть в одном звене  (The Pittsburgh Penguins superstar can talk about how much he loved playing on a line with Iginla all day, but it sure doesn’t sound like it was nearly as much fun lining up on the other side of the puck)
8.04.2019 15.08 (to be) seasonal in nature носить сезонный характер  (The sugar industry is seasonal in nature and so ideally suited to the cooperative sector)
20.03.2019 12.39 unsimplified неупрощённый  (When the jurors were questioned afterwards about legal points which had been covered in the instructions, those who had had the rewritten instructions performed almost twice as well, achieving 78% correct responses, as opposed to 40% by those who had had the unsimplified instructions)
28.02.2019 17.11 digital maturity цифровая зрелость  (Digital maturity is a measure of how ready an organisation is to digitally transform)
26.02.2019 15.56 technical hotline горячая линия технической поддержки  (Use our technical hotline and advisory service and get the assistance you need on the telephone)
22.02.2019 11.55 concordance line строка сочетаемости  (A concordance line is an extract from a corpus in which the word in focus occurs in the middle with a textual context on either side – the size of the context call be of any required length but is usually 10–12 words on either side)
21.02.2019 18.25 shadow home secretary теневой министр внутренних дел  (In British politics, the Shadow Home Secretary is the person within the shadow cabinet who 'shadows' the Home Secretary; this effectively means scrutinising government policy on home affairs including policing, national security, the criminal justice system, the prison service, and matters of citizenship)
21.02.2019 18.21 country of laws правовое государство  ("You cannot strip people of their British nationality under international law if it will leave them stateless. That's the legal position and we are a country of laws.", Diane Abbot, Shadow Home Secretary)
21.02.2019 17.27 act коллектив  (Converge is one of the most influential of the what some might call post-hardcore or metalcore acts still going)
21.02.2019 15.30 last antecedent rule правило последнего предшествующего слова  (The last antecedent rule is a doctrine of interpretation of a statute, by which "Referential and qualifying phrases, where no contrary intention appears, refer solely to the last antecedent." (Wiki))
19.02.2019 15.42 World Association of Chefs Societies Всемирная ассоциация сообществ шеф–поваров  (The World Association of Chefs' Societies (WACS), is a global network of chefs associations first founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris (Wiki))
19.02.2019 14.46 return to winning ways продолжить победную серию  (All smiles for Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United return to winning ways with emphatic FA Cup victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge)
19.02.2019 14.46 return to winning ways снова победить 
15.02.2019 11.31 fall to defeat терпеть поражение  (Carlisle United conceded twice in the second half as they fell to defeat against League Two's leaders)

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29.06.2017 15.42 Kantonales Steueramt кантональное налоговое управление  (http://www.globaco.ch/ru/%D0%A1%D1%81%D1%8B%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B8/%D0%A1%D1%81%D1%8B%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B8.html)
14.04.2016 12.14 Ausgabeland страна выдачи  (паспорта, свидетельства и т.д.)

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28.12.2018 10.59 La Cellule Nationale de Traitement des Informations Financières Национальная группа по обработке финансовой информации 
16.05.2016 16.57 personnel navigant technique лётный экипаж  (http://stsk.biz/ru/node/122)
16.05.2016 16.56 officier ingénieur navigant бортовой инженер  (http://stsk.biz/ru/node/122)
16.05.2016 16.56 officier pilote de ligne OPL  (http://stsk.biz/ru/node/122)
16.05.2016 16.55 pilote commandant de bord CDB  (http://stsk.biz/ru/node/122)
7.05.2016 17.19 contrat de cession d’actions договор уступки акций 

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11.05.2016 15.47 juego de posición позиционная игра 
12.01.2016 10.27 funcionario designado назначенное должностное лицо 

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