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Reference Shor, M. (2011.). Game Theory and Business Strategy: Retrieved November 8, 2011, from http://www2.owen.vanderbilt.edu/Mike.Shor/courses/game-theory/ Flatworldkknowledge.(n.d.). Free and open college textbooks.Retrieved from http://www.flatworldknowledge.com/

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12.02.2013 19.48 overarching logic всеобъемлющая логика  (The company that uses various vehicles on an ad hoc or patchwork basis, without an overarching logic and programmatic approach, will be at a severe disadvantage.)
12.02.2013 19.34 rife with uncertainty довольно неоднозначный  (A decision to enter new product categories is rife with uncertainty.)
5.01.2013 17.48 qualification portal проходное ограничение  (Augustus raised the qualification portal for senators from 400,000 sesterces to one million sesterces.)
18.12.2012 11.53 hotbed of disorder очаг беспорядка  (Augustus broke up the “secret clubs” which had been hotbeds of disorder...)
17.12.2012 18.36 (be) at one неразделимые  (His own ambition and the highest interests of his country Caesar believed to be at one.)
17.12.2012 17.07 foil the plot предотвратить заговор  (The plot was discovered by Cícero, and was foiled.)
17.12.2012 16.03 make influence felt распространять влияние  (The popular party was now beginning to gather up its scattered forces, and to make its influence felt.)
17.12.2012 15.53 not long before немного времени спустя  (It was not long before Sertorius himself was murdered by one of his lieutenants.)
17.12.2012 15.48 in a fit of wrath в порыве гнева  (Sertórius, in a fit of wrath, caused the boys in the school at Ósca to be put to death.)
17.12.2012 15.48 in a fit of wrath в припадке ярости  (Sertórius, in a fit of wrath, caused the boys in the school at Ósca to be put to death.)
17.12.2012 13.02 annihilated the host прекратить господство  (In the battle of Áquæ Séxtiæ he annihilated the host of the Téutones...)
17.12.2012 1.08 at the public crib за счёт государства  (... the paupers now flocked to Rome from all parts of Ítaly to be fed at the public crib.)
16.12.2012 2.11 spoils of office корысть от использования служебного положения  (The aristocratic classes sought to enrich themselves by the spoils of war and the spoils of office)
30.11.2012 15.40 hump обрюхатить  (A bunch of Spartans convinced the Persian Sultan that Alcibiades would hump his daughter when he wasn't looking...)
30.11.2012 15.27 give a crap наложить в штаны  (Alcibiades didn't give a crap though.)
12.10.2012 16.57 be to предполагать  (A remaining responsibility for many committees is to continually monitor progress against the budget and potentially recommend mid-course corrections.)
12.10.2012 16.37 looming production завышенные обьемы производства  (Managers can learn well in advance of looming production and distribution bottlenecks.)

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