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Термины по тематике Религия

Список тематик

 вира wergeld In ancient Germanic law, the amount of compensation paid by a person committing an offense to the injured party or, in case of death, to his family
 Вирадж Viraj In the mythology of India, Brahma divided himself into male and female, these produced Viraj, from whom sprang the first Manu, a kind of secondary creator
 Виракоча Huiracocha
 Виракоча Viracocha
 Виракоча Wiraqoca
 вирашайва Lingayat
 вирашайва Virashaiva
 вирд wird (Gene Ivanov)
 Вирсавия beer-sheba
 вирсавия bath-sheba
 вирсавия bath-shua
 вирья-парамита virya-paramita In Buddhism, vigour as one of the six virtues
 Висконсинский евангелический лютеранский синод Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Conservative Lutheran church in the United States, formed in 1892 as a federation of three conservative synods of German background and then known as the General Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Other States
 Виссарион Никейский Basilios Bessarion (grafleonov)
 Виссарион Никейский Bessarion of Nicea (grafleonov)
 Виссарион Никейский Bessarion of Nicaea (grafleonov)
 виссон byssus Fine linen cloth of ancient times
 Виталиан Vitalian Pope from 657 to 672. In 668 Vitalian consecrated St. Theodore of Tarsus as the first archbishop of Canterbury to rule the whole English church
 витраж с древом Иессеевым Jesse window A church window decorated with the Jesse tree
 Вифания Bethany
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