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Термины по тематике Религия (34915 статей)

Список тематик

 F Forgiveness
 F Faith
 F Faithful
 F. Fecit
 F. Filius
 F. Feliciter
 F. Frater
 F.C. Fieri Curavit
 F.F. Fieri Fecit
 Fa-hsiang school школа фасян
 Fa-hsiang school "школа Свойств, или Истинной сущности дхарм"
 Fa-hsiang school школа Дхармалакшана
 Fa-hsiang school школа Вэйши
 Fa-hsiang school школа Цыэнь
 Fa-hsiang school Цыэнь цзун
 Fa-hsiang school "школа Сострадания и милосердия"
 Fa-hsiang school "школа Свойств или Истинной сущности дхарм"
 Fa-hsiang school Consciousness-oriented school of Chinese Buddhism derived from the Indian Yogacara school  фасян цзун
 FABC Federation Of Asian Bishops Conferences
 Fabian Pope from 236 to 250. He is said to have divided Rome into seven districts assigned to the seven deacons and to have founded several churches in France. His appointment of notaries to register the deeds of the martyrs reflected the increasing precision with which the Roman Catholic church began to keep records during his time  Фабиан
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