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Термины по тематике Религия

Список тематик

 юбилейный год jubilee 1. A year of emancipation and restoration provided by ancient Hebrew law to be kept every 50 years by the emancipation of Hebrew slaves, restoration of alienated lands to their former owners, and omission of all cultivation of the land; 2 = Year of Jubilee; 3. A special plenary indulgence granted during a year of jubilee to Roman Catholics who perform certain specified works of repentance and piety
 Юбилейный год Year of Jubilee
 Ювента Juventas Roman goddess of youth
 юга yuga In Hindu cosmology, an age of mankind; in Hindu astronomy, it is a unit of time consisting of five solar years
 Юдифь Judith The Jewish heroine who saves the city of Bethulia in the Book of Judith
 юдоль слёз, горя и печали the vale of tears, woe, and misery
 южная сторона храма epistle side
 южная часть алтаря epistle side That side from which the Epistle is read at the Communion service
 южноиндийский стиль храмовой архитектуры Dravida Style
 южноиндийский стиль храмовой архитектуры South Indian temple architecture
 южный клирос dean's side
 южный клирос decani In a church, the dean's side
 юзу нембуцу Yuzu Nembutsu Japanese Buddhist sect that stresses the permeating effect of nembutsu, the invocation of the name of the Buddha Amida, Amitabha
 Юлиан Отступник Julian the Apostate Roman emperor, AD 361-363, a persistent enemy of Christianity, he publicly announced his conversion to paganism
 Юлиан Отступник Julianus Apostata
 Юлиан-отступник Apostate Julian, the Roman Emperor, 331-363
 юлианский календарь julian calendar
 Юлий I Julius Pope from 337 to 352 who became the chief support of orthodoxy against Arianism
 Юлий II Julius Pope from 1503 to 1513, greatest art patron of the papal line and one of the most powerful rulers of his age
 Юлий III Julius HI Pope from 1550 to 1555. His patronage of Renaissance thought led him to reform the Roman University, to build the Church of St. Andrew in Rome, and to appoint Palestrina choirmaster of St. Peter's, with Michelangelo as the church's principal architect
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