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Термины по тематике Религия

Список тематик

 Фабиан Fabian Pope from 236 to 250. He is said to have divided Rome into seven districts assigned to the seven deacons and to have founded several churches in France. His appointment of notaries to register the deeds of the martyrs reflected the increasing precision with which the Roman Catholic church began to keep records during his time
 фаватих fawatih Letters of the alphabet appearing at the beginning of 29 of the surahs
 фаватих hawamim
 фаватих Huruf al-Muqatta'ah
 Фавн Faunus
 фавор tabor
 Фаддей Thaddaeus
 фаджр salat al-fajr One of the five ritual prayers observed within Muhammad's lifetime
 файд fayd In Islamic philosophy, the emanation of created things from God
 Факей Pekah
 факир fakir A mendicant dervish in India
 факих faqih In Islam, student of jurisprudence, or fiqh; also a man employed immediately after burial to instruct the dead in the right answers
 факих fiqi
 Факия Pekahiah
 факты facta pl. от factum
 фаласифа falasifah Muslim thinkers who were engaged in the pursuit of the ancient sciences
 фалаша Falasha An Ethiopian of Jewish faith
 фаллический культ phallicism Worship of the generative principle as symbolized by the sexual organs or the act of sexual intercourse
 фаллический символ mukhalinga
 фаллос Шивы linga
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