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Термины по тематике Религия

Список тематик

 паббаджджа pabbajja Buddhist rite of ordination by which a layman becomes a novice
 Пава Pava According to tradition, the place where Mahavira, founder Jainism, died in 527 ВС
 Павел Paul
 Павел I Paul Pope from 757 to 767 who vigorously protested Constantines revival of Iconoclasm. He is noted for transporting the relics of many saints from the catacombs to Roman churches and for his building projects, including the church of SS. Peter and Paul
 Павел II Paul Italian Pope from 1464 to 1471. A patron of scholars and also a collector of antiquities and a restorer of monuments, he is responsible for founding the first printing presses at Rome, where he had built the celebrated Palace of St. Mark
 Павел III Paul Italian noble who was the last of the Renaissance Popes - reigned 1534-49 -and the first Pope of the Counter-Reformation
 Павел IV Paul Italian Pope from 1555 to 1559, whose anti-Spanish policy renewed the war between France and the Habsburgs
 Павел V Paul Italian Pope from 1605 to 1621 who founded the privy Vatican archives to preserve papal documents. His excessive fondness for display made him a spectacular patron of the arts and of building, including the chapel in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, where he is buried
 Павел VI Paul Italian Pope of the Roman Catholic church - reigned 1963-78 - during a period including most of the second Vatican Council and the immediate postconciliar era, in which he issued directives and guidance to a changing Roman Catholic church
 павечерница small vespers An abbriged version of the sixth of the canonical hours in the Russian Orthodox Church
 павечерня small vespers
 павлиане Congregatio Sancti Pauli Paulists, сокр. C.S.P.
 павликанцы Paulicians
 павликиане Paulicians Members of a dualistic Christian sect that originated in Armenia in the mid-7th century
 павликианин Paulician
 павликианин Paulian (Gruzovik)
 павликианин Paulianist (Gruzovik)
 павликианский Paulian (Gruzovik)
 павликианское движение Paulicians
 павликианское движение Paulian
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