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Термины по тематике Религия

Список тематик

 м.п. место печати Loco Sigilli "place of the seal", сокр. L.S.
 маалусы maa-alused In Estonian folk religion, mysterious elflike small folk living under the earth
 маамад ma'amadot 24 groups of Jewish laymen that witnessed, by turns of one week each, the daily sacrifice in the Second Temple of Jerusalem as representatives of the common people
 маариб maarib
 маарив maarib Jewish evening prayers recited after sunset
 Маат Ma'at In ancient Egyptian religion, the personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order
 мавду hasan One of the three general categories of hadiths; it includes those with an incomplete isnad or with transmitters of questionable authority
 мавлют mawlid
 мавлют milad
 мавринианин Maurist
 маврист Maurist Member of a congregation of French Benedictine monks founded in 1618 and devoted to strict observance of the Benedictine Rule and especially to historical and ecclesiastical scholarship
 Маву Mawa In traditional African religions, the supreme God
 маг conjuror
 маг theurgist One skilled in theurgy
 магга magga In Buddhism, one of the Four Noble Truths - there is a way to suppress suffering
 маггид maggid Any of the many itinerant Jewish preachers who flourished especially in Poland and Russia during the 17th and 18th centuries
 магглетониане Muggletonians A sect which believed that its two founders, L. Muggleton and J. Reeve, were the "two witnesses" spoken of in Rv:ll:3
 Магендовид Magen David
 Магендовид Star of David
 Магендовид Mogen David
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